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Bearington Customer Success Story:  “A Wonderful Winter Wonderland”


As a retailer store owner/manager, you know that decorating your store and creating eye-popping displays is important any time of the year, but it seems to be exceptionally important around the holiday season.  Last Christmas, one of Bearington’s retail store owners decided to bring a creative idea one step further when he entered his town’s Festival of Trees competition.  He took first place for this awe-inspiring Christmas tree that he called, Wilderness Wonderland. By using Bearington’s Half Pints and other small themed teddies accented with lights, berry garland and raffia ribbon, this incredible exhibition made everyone in town scurry to duplicate his idea.  He couldn’t keep his Bearington Half Pints in stock that Christmas!


This is a perfect example how having fun and being creative with your Bearington displays can make your sales soar!


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