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5 Tips on How to Make Your Bearington Display Amazing


Here are some great tips on how to feature Bearington in your store’s display.  Remember, a great display creates great sales!

1.             Be creative!  Have fun with your presentation and watch the sales soar.


2.             Use Bearington’s bear stands!  Bearington bears and friends always look more personable when they are standing up straight and looking into your eyes.  Here’s a great suggestion: price the bear stand in with the price of the bear you are selling. 


 3.             Display your Bearington bears and friends in groups with other matching bears and friends.  The Bearington Collection Collector’s catalog is a perfect example of how eye-catching these displays can appear.  We always make sure that each Bearington bear and friend has a companion.


 4.             Use props!  Bearington also offers a variety of props and accessories that not only look great in your display; they are also great gift items your customers will love.  A lot of our teddies look great sitting in our stylish hat boxes or standing in one of our beautifully hand-painted wooden carts. These accessories are all from our Kate Hadley Collection.  You can also use your props to spice up the display.


5.             “Groom” your bears!  This may sound a little funny to you, but after they have traveled to get to your store, the bears are a little tired and may look like they’re having a pretty bad hair day.  If you give them a little shake, brush the hair out of their eyes, and straighten their bows, they will look wide awake and ready to go home to a nice family.  

You can also get a lot of great display ideas by visiting one of our national tradeshows this season.  Bearington is known for great displays, so feel free to bring your camera!


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