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New! Bearington Collection 2011 Fall & Winter Introductions


June, 2011 - Bearington Collection- Over 50 new lovable faces have joined the Bearington bunch this fall, so sit back and enjoy your journey as you meet them all! 

* You’ll meet Bearington’s newest fall additions including  he Spots family, Spencer, Sophie, Sydney and their loyal firehouse friend Spottie. Don’t miss the elegant and   sophisticated Rosebeary trio: Rita, Rachel and Riley. And, of course,there are many other fall themed teddies who have joined the bunch this season!

* Bearingtonville’s Halloween is always full of cheer and brewing with fun, and this season the charming Wanda Weber is weaving her web of tricks and treats

* You’ll also meet Yule B. Jolly and Holly B. Jolly, the town’s newest gift “BEARers”.  You can visit the Gingerbread Man and try some of his yummy cookies, or pick out a Christmas tree with the new Spruce family at the Bearingtonville Tree Farm.  


Visit our New Releases page to see all of Bearington's 2011 fall and winter collection!

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