Gift Beat Polls Oct. 2010
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Bearington Collection Ranked in the Top 3 Best Selling Plush Lines

 October, 2010 - The Bearington Collection - The October Gift Beat polls are in and the Bearington Collection has made it again.  They were ranked in the top 3 Best Selling national push lines according to the magazines most recent polls.  This also makes Bearington the top selling "dressed" plush line in the U.S.   Wow, what an accomplishment! 

Gift Beat is the best source for information on current product trends in the gift industry.  The data is taken from surveys that are given to a network of current gift store owners.  The responses are taken from more than 300 stores a month, and they are asked to rate their top three best selling lines/vendors in different product categories of the gift industry.  This monthly subscription is a great tool for retailers to find out what is selling best and what the hot items are in different categories of the gift industry.

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